Bandwidth control with IP range

Bandwidth control with IP range
Bandwidth control with IP range
2021-03-03 14:10:38 - last edited 2021-03-04 11:47:32
Model: TD-W9960
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.0 0.8.0 v009d.0 Build 201016 Rel.78709n

I want to use bandwidth control in my network but i want it to be seperate for each device for example, every device that is connected have the same X kbps, i try to use IP range but it seems that the device distributes the limit through all the IPs instead of the same limit for each.


is there a way to do what i want without preserving IPs for every device connected?...considering that if i did that it won't work on newly connected devices

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Re:Bandwidth control with IP range
2021-03-05 09:49:04





If I am correct what you are trying to do is set a limit of say    5mbps to each device connected.. however the router only allow you to set a shared limit, namely 5mbps shared amongst all devices..   hopefully I understand that correctly


In a nutshell this device doesn't support individual limits, its really just a shared limit for everyone in that range.  Individual limits are more of a business feature on the Omada range / more expensive routers.


however... If you have only a few devices and the patience to do so... you could set a reservation for each device (take an ipad on for example) then set a rule for this IPAD on that specific IP address to have a limit of 5mbps.   Do the same for the next device, etc etc.  you would have a number of rules and dhcp reservations but it would work!!   Once you add them all create one last rule at the bottom with the entire range set for 5mbps shared..


These work top to bottom so if the device isn't on the DHCP reservation, and doesnt have a specific limit set on its IP then it will just fall into the catch all limit at the bottom..


Its messy.. but should work




If you want to upgrade you WiFi to support this and more.. look to the Omada range and get an    OC200 Controller     and    EAP225 v3.    It will also give you much faster WiFi (1200 vs 300)


That will allow you to create limits per device, guest networks VLAN and hell of a lot more.   Cost is ~£50 / $US65 for the OC200   a bit more for the EAP225  (£120  /   $US 150 for both)


It can also likely be done on some of the higher end home routers, however I am not sure which ones offhand.


Hope that helps