TL-WPA4220 V4 - wifi working but stopped connecting to internet

TL-WPA4220 V4 - wifi working but stopped connecting to internet
TL-WPA4220 V4 - wifi working but stopped connecting to internet
2021-04-26 17:50:05
Model: TL-WPA4220
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version: wpa4220v4_eu-up-ver4-0-4-P1-20210222-rel42127-APPLC.bin



Cannot connect to internet using my TL-WPA4220 anymore (worked fine for months and stopped two 3/4 weeks ago)


When TL-WPA4220 wifi is enabled, all my devices in the room show "no internet connection available" (windows laptop, iPhone, iPad).

- power led is green

- powerline (home) led is green

- wifi led is green


What i tryed:

  • reset and re-pair the device: same thing
  • firmware update: same thing
  • WPS copy settings: same thing
  • move to another plug: same thing
  • burn a candle at the local church: same thing
  • disable and enable wifi: same thing
  • unplug-replug: samething
  • On my router:
    • firware up to date
    • stop/start: same thing
    • WPS copy again: samething


Everything is OK if I disable the TL-WPA4220 wifi and connect wifi my router's wifi.


Nothing changed in our electrical installation/setup.


ipconfig shows that my computer gets an IP adress, but I cannot ping the router (gateway).

If i use my router's wifi directly: same IP, ping OK.


Power led, powerline led and wifi led are all on and green.


What else can I do?

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Re:TL-WPA4220 V4 - wifi working but stopped connecting to internet
2021-04-27 03:19:36

@LauS  Good day, 


Thank you for your detailed post! If both House Leds are ON, please check the connection between main adapter and main router and here are some suggestions:


  • Try a different Ethernet cable between router & main power line extender
  • Change a different LAN port on your router 
  • Put powerline devices into the same room to check Internet 
  • Double check the Led status : Main adapter wired to router should have all 3 Leds On; WIFI extender should have House Led ON


If still the same problem, please disconnect main adapter and wire a computer to router using the same cable, please  check IP and gateway address and send us a photo.

Please also share us a photo of IP address when you device is connected to poweline extender and share us a photo your ping results.