Powerline TL-WPA4220 (Av600) keeps rebooting

Powerline TL-WPA4220 (Av600) keeps rebooting
Powerline TL-WPA4220 (Av600) keeps rebooting
2021-11-02 18:12:27
Model: AC50
Hardware Version: V4
Firmware Version:

Hi Guys,


My powerline keeps rebooting all over again, i've tried everything:


  • Turnoff the energy saving mode -> doesnt worked
  • Update the firmware -> doesnt worked
  • Tried to ping the router at every second -> doesnt worked
  • Already tested the main router and everything seems fine.


I've noticed that the powerline always reboots when i try to download something...


My router is not the AC50, I have a router that the telecom operator provided me when they came to install the service at home (I'm from Portugal, it's the usual procedure around here)


Can you help me pls?



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Re:Powerline TL-WPA4220 (Av600) keeps rebooting
2021-11-30 13:08:29

Hello @joaobelele 

Sorry for the late reply, can you help describe how the LED change when powerline adapter reboot itself, was there any firmware update failure or thunderstorm/ power outage before this happen? 

  • Try a factory reset the unit and repair 2 devices

Reset Wireless powerline unit: 
Press and hold the Reset button (or use a pin to press reset hole) until all LEDs turn off and start on again.          

  • Try a different wall outlet make sure its not poor or loose contact
  • Update device firmware, which you've done

If still the same concern persists, and device has been working for a long time, it is recommended to contact retailer or local support to check device warranty.