Getting only half of the speed with TL-PA4010KIT

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Getting only half of the speed with TL-PA4010KIT
Getting only half of the speed with TL-PA4010KIT
2021-12-14 17:18:23 - last edited 2021-12-14 20:26:31
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version:


Until now, I had little problem when using Powerline adaptors. Minor disconnects were the only problems. my 50mbps download speed as well as my 10mbps upload has been pretty much stable. But now I have upgraded the connection to 150Mbps and my Powerlines are out of breath. Cannot squeeze our more than 80Mpbs of the through the powerline no matter what I do (latest firmware, change of socks and cable, resetting switching adapters between). 

Yet, when I look on the TP-Link tool it claims my Powerline rate is capable anything bettween 300-400Mbps which is rather confusing. 

Now, you might be asking - what about other devices on the network? Well, that is the thing anything else which is connected via WiFi just speeds up like formula 1 from 0 straight to 150 and somethime 160 including mobile phones and old laptop. When I insert WiFi dongle into my PC it is the same. So the only device that lags in speed is sadly the Powerline adaptor. 

The only aspect where powerline is faster is the upload speed which is advertised at 10mbps, but anything on wifi struggles to go beyond 3mbps, whilst powerline can muster about anything between 3-7 (again very unstable on each measurement). 

Do you think I need to upgrade to pass through version or is there possibly another fix? I've have been always using main socket (with two sockets) on both ends. The other socket has extension cable with couple appliances connected to it (lamp, speakers, laptop charger, phone charger), but that was never a problem before. 

Also noticed in adapter status that my Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller seems to be capped on 100mbps. I have even changed cables to 5e to ensure higher speed, alas the network adapter confg still says 100mbps. 



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Re:Getting only half of the speed with TL-PA4010KIT
2021-12-17 12:10:23 - last edited 2021-12-17 12:10:45

Hello @SixThe9th 

Thank you for your detailed  post. 

TL-PA4010 have 100Mbps Fast Ethernet port as its spec here, so the speed come into and out the KIT will be capped within 100Mbps.

The AV600 speed is the theoretical maximum transmit speed that you can get under best conditions when connecting two AV600 devices (paired) over the Powerline connection.

TpPLC Utility shows the real powerline rate between the powerline units which is different from the actual speed test, please check this FAQ for details: Explanation about the Powerline Rate and Actual speed of the Powerline Adapters


For AV600, if powerline rate on Utility is 300-400Mbps, actual speed 60Mbps -70Mps could be reasonable as in the real house environment the speed is around 20%-35% of the powerline rate, also limited by the speed comes into the powerline unit. May I know when did you puchase the powerline KIT. 

If you need higher speed, please consider upgrading to Gigabit port powerline models:

How can I select the powerline device?

I hope this helps!