TP-PA7010P - Can I add a tp-link wifi adapter?

TP-PA7010P - Can I add a tp-link wifi adapter?
TP-PA7010P - Can I add a tp-link wifi adapter?
2022-03-20 16:16:33 - last edited 2022-03-20 16:18:01
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I have the TP-PA7010P starter kit. It does not have wi-fi built-in.


I want to add another tp-link adapter, but this new one must have ethernet *and* wifi.


My local shop has TL-WPA4221 Kit (AV600 - N300)


I don't want to use the large white AV600 adapter, which plugs into the router. I already have the AV1000 adapter plugged into my router.


I just need to use the small, grey one to pair with the existing AV1000 adapter, and provide an ethernet signal to a desktop, and a wi-fi signal to that room.


Can anyone confirm that these devices are compatible, and that I can pair the small, grey AV600 adapter with the existing AV1000 network, without using the bigger, white AV600 adapter plugged into my router? And that this set-up would give me wi-fi in that room?


Also, my existing AV1000 would still be gigabit speed, right? Joining the AV600 adapter wouldn't slow everything down, would it?



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Re:TP-PA7010P - Can I add a tp-link wifi adapter?
2022-03-21 06:57:16

Hello   @TP-Neb 

Here is an FAQ that should help How can I select the powerline device?

You could have more wifi& wired powerline extender added in the network and pair with the old power line adapters, it is recommended to select powerline device of the same speed, like model TL-WPA7510kit the AV1000 kit. 


Bigger one in the kit is the Wi-Fi powerline unit model starting with Tl-WPAXX, ' W' means wireless, smaller one is the wired unit, they usually sold as a pack, and both could work  powerline extenders:


Join AV600 will not slow down your av1000, but all the powerline device shared bandwidth of router, if one is using internet, the other one's bandwidth will be shared.