Archer VR2800 double failure and TP-Link horrible support

Archer VR2800 double failure and TP-Link horrible support
Archer VR2800 double failure and TP-Link horrible support
2022-05-30 18:43:04
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: Archer VR2800(EU)_V1_220120

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No wonder TP-Link moved the conversation to private messages. They did not want their messages to be public.

I have had 1 month of terrible problems with the first VR2800, until I decided to replace it. The replacement had exactly the same problems right out of the box. For the last 3.5 months I have tried every possible way of solving them, including a purchase of a RE305 extender.

I have had 3 teamviewer sessions with TP-Link, one local that lasted for 30 minutes and 2 directly with TP-Link. They lasted 4+ hours each of the 2 days they tested my VR2800. I have lost time and money to allow TP-Link to try to locate the problem. I have rendered my PC unusable for 2 days. I have helped them every possible way, I have provided extensive information regarding the behavior of their device. Unfortunately, I have reached a point I have lost my patience with this device and with TP-Link support.

The first thing they told me was that my VR2800 has a compatibility issue with my TP-Link Archer T4U v2 wireless adapter, something both unbelievable and unacceptable. If two TP-Link devices have compatibility issues, why even bother choosing TP-Link anyway? Of course, when I said that the so called "compatibility issue" is a deal breaker for me and I prefer to be refunded so that I can choose another brand, they said that it "may not be" a compatibility issue. A lot of "mays" and "may nots". The problem was not relative to compatibilities because the VR2800 produced the same problems with a Zyxel USB wifi adapter, with an HP laptop built in adapter and 3 different smartphones. It is pretty obvious the device has serious manufacturing problems that TP-Link has failed to acknowledge and solve. At some point during the teamviewer sessions they even told me that since I do not own a macbook, they do not have any tools to help me solve the problems! As if I am the one who is supposed to have the "tools" to solve their own problems.

When they confirmed the second device is also faulty, they offered alternatives. Their offer was for lower models, such as the VR2100 and VR600. At this time they did not have the invoice for this device in hand so they did not know the value I paid for it. Still, they offered lower value devices. I refused immediately and asked for a refund. They ignored my message and offered once more funny replacements. Through this forum I was even offered the TD-W9970 as a replacement, their cheapest VDSL router on the market, around 30 euros at the moment!!! I insisted on refunding.

After about a day or so, I decided to give them another chance but it appears now they were not worth it. I offered them to provide one of the replacements they offered, possibly VR2100 and add to this a wireless router as compensation for the time and money I have lost trying to fix their two different VR2800. If they would do this and if the combination would solve my wifi problems, I was willing to forget all the trouble I went through.

They seemed willing to discuss it in their messages. They asked for the invoice and at this point they saw I paid about 60 euros less than the value of the VR2800. This happened because at the time I purchased a TP-Link VR900 router, the local TP-Link reseller failed to supply the retailer and offered the VR2800 as an alternative. From the moment they saw the invoice, their behavior changed completely. All the sudden the replied they cannot replace the product with a different model, although they were the ones who offered other model replacements two times already during a time I was only discussing a refund.  They called this a “misunderstanding”, of course one that “may be”, although I possess their messages where it is clear there was no misunderstanding because they even chose to ignore my demand for a refund, offering me alternative models. They even tried to present the replacement of their 3 month old junk device as an "exception", more or less as some kind of...favor to me, which of course was not the case, the device had 3 years warranty starting December 2021.
I decided to be refunded instead and to finish once and for all with TP-Link. There are so many people writing in forums about the wireless problems of TP-Link devices anyway, leaving bad reviews, that I do not want to risk once more being in trouble because of TP-Link. I have spent an entire month of problems with the first VR2800. Another 3.5 months with the second. Hours of teamviewer sessions, installing and uninstalling firmware, resetting device to factory defaults and reconfiguring it and of course waiting 7-10 days for the replacements to arrive every time, while my household’s internet and local network was not functioning.
TP-Link has even denied sending a replacement first and receiving the faulty router after the replacement arrives. I am not sorry at all for abandoning TP-Link. Their devices are not the only thing that sucks. Their support sucks too, big time.

Goodbye TP-Link.