Play Store stuck

Play Store stuck

Play Store stuck
Play Store stuck
2022-08-05 16:54:30
Tags: #issue
Model: Deco M9 Plus  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 1.5.3



My network 


Internet -> Modem Huawei  EG8145V5  -> Ethernet cable -> Main deco m9 plus -> Ethernet cable -> Bedroom deco m9 plus(2nd floor) -> Wifi -> Office deco m9 plus(2nd floor)


The issue is.


When I download from google play store it stuck when I'm connected to the cell phone on Deco m9 wifi, when i disconnect from  deco wifi and connect to Huawei Wifi the download works fine.
I tested versions 1.5.1, 1.5.3 and 1.5.6 and they all have the same problem.


What I do to fix it?

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Re:Play Store stuck
2022-08-08 06:45:17


Hi, thank you very much for the feedback.

I tested the Deco M9 with my Samsung A53 and the Google play store did work well.

There are some suggestions for your reference:

1. please refer to this link to change the DNS server to to change DNS server settings on my Deco

2. please check whether there are any parental control profiles for the mobile phone.

3. Since there is a Huawei EG8145V5 WiFi router already, if possible, please temporarily change M9 to Access Point to see whether this issue still existed.


Wait for your reply.

Best regards.


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Re:Play Store stuck
2022-08-08 11:16:33

Hi  @David-TP ,



I tried change the dns and wasn´t works
I verify the parent control and it was empty
I changed to AC and it works!!
The issue is strange because only play store stuck, all other functions work well.



 I changed to firmware 1.5.6 and get the same issue!


Let's wait the next firmware 1.6.0 and try it again.