TL-SG116 Connection issues

TL-SG116 Connection issues

TL-SG116 Connection issues
TL-SG116 Connection issues
2023-01-03 15:00:39
Model: TL-SG116  
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Hi, I have just purchased a TL-SG116 unit to replace a smaller 8 port switch for my home network. I have read a previous post who I am now sharing the same issues with. I currently have my comms cabinet placed upstairs in the house as this is where the main phone line comes into, I have a BT router connected to the incoming line. I have connected the TL-SG116 using an outlet from the router and this in turn feeds into a switch "bus" which distributes to data points situated in various different rooms around the house. The unit replacement should have just been an additional straight swap, just feeding more data points. These data points are currently not in use so there has been no more "load" added to the system. Unfortunately, the new unit is not working quite as it should. When I use some of the data points I am getting mixed results, some are showing that it is connected to the internet but you can't actually log on to anything while some just don't work at all, where they did do before with the smaller unit. On my PC, which is downstairs and a "BT Hotspot" unit, I have managed to change the IP address and I then managed to connect to the system. On the previous post as mentioned above, the solution was to ping the system using a computer direct on to the TL-SG116 but unfortunately I cannot do this due to the positioning of these units. I can/have tried to connect with a MAC laptop but as yet this also hasn't connected. I would consider this new unit to be plug and play but do I need to make any alterations in any way? It is almost like the unit is trying to do the job but it is not "pushing" the data to the sockets as it is needed. Any suggestions please?.  


Generally the following are either connected or not through the data sockets:


Home PC- Connected

BT Hotspot- Connected

BT Youview box- Not connected

Apple Mac laptop- Not connected

XBOX- Connected


Many thanks 


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Re:TL-SG116 Connection issues
2023-01-14 10:33:25


Hi, Thank you very much for your time and patience.

TL-SG116 is plug-and-play and since it does not have a web UI, so no additional configurations are needed.

I think you could try to switch the Ethernet ports that are connected to BT Youview box and Apple Mac laptop. If it did not with either of the rest 15 ports, I tend to think you might need to check the additional settings on the Youview box and MacBook. Please also check the cables in case some of them are of poor quality.

Best regards.






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