UN region code

UN region code

UN region code
UN region code
2023-01-09 23:42:13
Model: TL-SX105  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.6

anybody have idea how to deal with a UN region ? 
UN/LOCODE Code List 2022-1 doesn't list a UN

and registration insists on a region

As it stands, unit arrived with a 1A power supply, while the chassis
clearly indicates 2A supply expected

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Re:UN region code
2023-01-14 09:31:48


Hi, welcome to the community.

I see you also sent an email to our local support team about the power adapter issue and it seemed like there is a mistake with the adapter you received. TL-SX105 should use 12V/2A.

As for the LOCODE Code, have you tried using the US for registration?

By the way, what kind of registration do you need to make for SX105?

Wait for your reply.

Best regards.




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