Bricked ArcherC7v5 - recovery

Bricked ArcherC7v5 - recovery

Bricked ArcherC7v5 - recovery
Bricked ArcherC7v5 - recovery
Tags: #Firmware Update #bricked
Model: Archer C7  
Hardware Version: V5
Firmware Version: OpenWRT

If you bricked your Archer C7 v5 with OpenWRT, here's how to recover it - spend a while to figure this out, so thought to share with you all an updated manual.

(The old thread was not working in all aspects, ran into several problems - unfortunately it is locked, so I cannot add my post to there - hope enough people find this one)


Steps to take:

- Download TFTP client (the ancient klever "pumpKIN" works better than TFTP, it has less options to set). 
- All Windows Firewalls need to be off, or it fails
- Set IP to (do not get confused by the .86 showing up in TFTP- .66 is right)
- Rename firmware file you want to upload to ArcherC7v5_tp_recovery.bin, set up TFTP to use this directory. You can use any firmware, it does not have to be the original TP-Link one. What seems to be important: The file size should be smaller than the last working firmware - if it stops halfway, use an old OpenWRT or similar version with less filesize. You can upgrade to a bigger one again once the router is de-bricked.
- Switch off, hold reset button 5 sec (second LED lights up). Be patient. The transfer starts only several seconds after you let the reset button go.
- The file transfers automatically. Wait until it reboots fully. Do not unplug! - be patient.

- Enjoy the de-bricked router and that you avoided unnecessary resource waste!