Vlan on Omada controler

Vlan on Omada controler

Vlan on Omada controler
Vlan on Omada controler
2023-04-10 19:08:07
Tags: #omada
Model: TL-SG2008P  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version:



I use in my home network a TL-sg108e aince a couple of years , with an omada controler and pfsense. I use the 802.1Q (vlan and pvid setting) configuration with many vlan.


I just bought a TL-SG2008 and in stand alone mode i could teplicate all my vlan from the TL-sg108e switch without any problems (vlan and pvid setting).


Since i use an omada software controler for my EAP, i saw in could integrate the TL-SG2008 into the omada.


But i could not figure how work the vlan .... ( in particulary the pvid setting).


Here my TL-sg108e configuration:


What is the way ??


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Re:Vlan on Omada controler
2023-04-11 12:22:53



Check out this youtube video on a complete setup, might give you the answers you need.




However remember that Omada is a SDN so its primarily expected to have a router and switch controlled by the OC200 to enable full integration.    Yes manual is possible, but its not as elegant.


Try looking at Profiles and see if you can create one, apply that to your managed port and hopefully it will do what you require


P.S.   Omada questions are better posted in the business forums as they are buisness products, you will likely get a lot more response there



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