Introducing TP-Link Early Access Program

Introducing TP-Link Early Access Program

Introducing TP-Link Early Access Program
Introducing TP-Link Early Access Program
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What is the Early Access Program?

The purpose of the Early Access Program is to provide our customers with the opportunity to test and help evaluate new and upcoming features and updates of TP-Link products, allowing customers the chance to have access to features before they're publicly available and giving TP-Link the opportunity to fully test products in various real-world scenarios before being released. This unique opportunity allows you to provide constructive feedback and offers various forms of assistance, including debugging support and direct access to the TP-Link engineering team, if you have any questions or difficulties during the process.


Difference between the Early Access Software and the Beta Software


The Early Access Software, labeled as "Early Access", provides you with pre-release software that allows you to experience the new features and updates of TP-Link products prior to its official release. It also enables TP-Link to thoroughly test the firmware in your real network environment and scenarios before the official release.


The Beta Software, labeled as "Beta Software", primarily addresses and resolves some abnormal issues found in the current official software. It's designated or presented to the user as beta, or experimental, and it's provided as a workaround while waiting for the new official software to address these issues permanently.


How to Find the Existing Early Access Software


1. Visit the Forum of Each Product Category in the TP-Link Home Network Community.


2. Filter the posts either by the Label on the left panel of the forum:

     1) Selecting the Label with "Early Access" for all early access firmware releases.

     2) Selecting the Label with "Beta Software" for all beta firmware releases.


3. You will see all the firmware releases of each product category.

      For example, select the Label with "Beta Software" and or "Early Access" to view all Wi-Fi Routers firmware releases as shown below.





Additional Information


Any feedback on the Early Access Software or Beta Software, please feel free to comment in the related thread or start a new thread on Each Product Category Board. To get better assistance from the Community, you may check Tips For Efficiently Reporting an Issue In The Community.



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