Deco X50 Outdoor v1.2.5 Build 20231121 Rel. 68541

Deco X50 Outdoor v1.2.5 Build 20231121 Rel. 68541

Deco X50 Outdoor v1.2.5 Build 20231121 Rel. 68541
Deco X50 Outdoor v1.2.5 Build 20231121 Rel. 68541
2024-05-02 10:09:52
Model: Deco X50-Outdoor  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: v1.2.5


Hello, I'm using 34 Decos across 4 different locations. In general I'm very happy but at one location, I'm experiencing an issue with the web interface.
The main Deco there is an X50 Outdoor (firmware version 1.2.5 Build 20231121 Rel. 68541). When I go to the Deco's web page ( in my case), I'm automatically redirected to index.html#networkMap page, but on loading the Deco 'freezes' immediately: The loading symbol (circle) indicating ongoing loading continues to spin indefinitely, but there is no update (I've left it like this for hours). Fortunately everything continues to work, but I can't proceed beyond this screen and clicking 'Advanced' also doesn't work (as if the screen is blocked until the first page is loaded). In the App, everything is OK and is working fine.
Is there a way to manually enter another link to access the 'advanced' menu? How can I resolve this? Simply restarting doesn't work; the problem remains always the same (freezing on the main page).


I understand that it's quite a lot of DECOs interconnected, but until a week ago, it was an equally large network consisting exclusively of M4 (all v1.7.0) Decos, and it was possible to see the network topology and select advanced options via the web UI. Ever since I added the X50 Deco to replace one of the M4's as the main Deco I'm having these problems now. (I was expecting better performance).


In the App, the network is performin a lot better (as expected).

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Re:Deco X50 Outdoor v1.2.5 Build 20231121 Rel. 68541
2024-05-09 02:43:52


Hi, Thank you very much for your feedback.

Have you tried to change to a different browser,  clear DNS caches first, and access the web UI( or again?

Is there any specific reason that you want to access the web UI, instead of using the Deco APP?

Wait for your reply and best regards.





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