Fix unstable connection when connected to the Deco network

Released On: 2022-09-19 09:33:42Last update time: 2023-04-20 06:04:20

An unstable connection would be caused by many factors. Careful observation with some troubleshooting points might lead in the right direction.

Please refer to these troubleshooting steps to fix:

>All Deco units randomly turned red.

>Single satellite Deco randomly turned red while other Mesh units remained green/white.

>Devices stay connected but could not load any websites.

>Devices kept disconnecting and reconnecting to the network within a few seconds.


I. All Deco units randomly turned to flash red

Step 1. Check the cables and connections

Sometimes loose, disconnected, or damaged cables can cause connection issues.
1. Make sure all the provided Ethernet cables are connected securely and replace the cables which are old and exposed.
2. Make sure only the main Deco is directly connected to the ISP modem, especially when it is on default wireless router mode

Step 2. Check the internet service and ISP modem

An internet service outage is the first thing that needs to be checked. To check the service quality, follow these steps:

1. Unplug/re-plug the internet cable to the modem.
2. Wire a PC or an old router directly into your ISP modem when the main Deco turned red.
3. Please contact ISP first if the PC and old router could not get internet either.

Step 3. Restart the main Deco

If the internet is restored this time, it's suggested to collect the following information and email to support later when the main Deco turned red again:

1. Save a screenshot of the IPV4 settings under Deco APP > More > Advanced.
2. How often did the disconnection happen?
3. Who is the internet service provider and the model number of your cable modem?

Step 4*. Special Reference Cases

During the troubleshooting with our users, some unusual situations have been found to cause the disconnection of the main Deco.

Please check these settings while you are waiting for technical support.

1. The Advanced firewall settings on the ISP router blocked Deco. such as Home Security System on the ATT router.

2. Even though there are more than one Ethernet ports on the ISP router, only one of them is able to provide internet service, such as Verizon Fios G1100

3. There is another DHCP server apart from the ISP modem router that is able to assign IP addresses, such as Zmodo devices



II. Satellite Deco randomly turned to flash red

The distance and obstacles are more likely to cause the problem.

Step 1. Place Deco in clear sight, not in a closed cupboard or too close to the ceiling.

Please refer to How can I find a suitable spot for my Deco?

Step 2: Make sure the signal source is 2.4ghz/5ghz with at least 2 bars of signal strength.

  • If it is less than 2 bars,  Please move this satellite Deco closer to the signal source unit.
  • The wired connection usually provides a more stable and faster connection. So connecting Decos via cables is always a good choice if possible.
  • If the satellite Deco is already on Ethernet Backhaul, please refer to Q5+Q6 on General questions about the Ethernet Backhaul feature on your Deco.

Step 3*: Disconnect the home antivirus system, such as Circle/Bark Home.

You will find more details on Several issues you may encounter when a Circle device connects to your network.

Step 4*: Remove the Soundbar/HDMI devices that are working on the same wireless frequency.

More details could be found on Will Soundbar or Soundwoofer cause 5GHz slowness?

Step 5: Switch the location of the satellites in case the disconnection follows a specific unit.

Step 6: Contact us.

Email to support with the following information:
1. A picture of the Network Map screenshot on the web UI-Deco web interface login.
2. How often did this issue happen?
3. How to recover the connection? By rebooting the Deco or connection comes back automatically?




III. Several devices lose connection frequently

If it is specific to one device only, Please refer to the following tips:

1. Check on the device manufacturer's site to see whether a new driver or software version is available for upgrade.
2. Replace the current Ethernet cable if the device is on a wired connection.
3*. Google around to see if there is any known issue about this device from its community.

  • If the devices are Sky Q boxes and Sonos Speakers, the following suggestions would help.

Connect Sky Q to TP-Link Deco Mesh
Connect Sonos Speakers to TP-Link Deco Mesh


Please refer to the following troubleshooting steps if the devices are random:

Step 1: Disable “Fast Roaming” and “Beamforming” under Deco APP > More > Advanced.

Step 2: Turn off “Mesh Technology” on mobile devices.

Step 3: Enable the Guest Network for 2.4G or 5G only and connect the devices to the Guest Network.

Step 4: Contact us

Email to support with the following information:
1. What are the model numbers of devices that dropped out frequently?
2. Would they still connect to the Wi-Fi but have no internet or the Wi-Fi has been disconnected already?
3. How to recover the connection? By rebooting the device or connection comes back automatically?
4. Please send us a picture of your network topology.


I have a deco xe75 the worst router I ever had. 

KEEPS losing the signal and disconnecting from the network has the lates firmware but still same issue and the app doesn't show you nothing. My 5 year old  asus rauter works better that this and faster 


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