Can Sky Q work with Deco?

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What’s Sky Q? How does it work?
Sky Q is a subscription-based television and entertainment service operated by British satellite television provider Sky. The name also refers to the Sky Q set-top box.
It includes a Sky Q box, Sky Q mini box, a Sky Q Hub, and Sky Q remote. Here we mainly introduce the Sky Q box and Sky Q Mini box:
Sky Q box is an STB (Set-Top Box) that replaces the traditional Sky+ or Sky+ HD box under your TV. It includes different models with different memory (1TB&2TB) to backup videos. It connects to the router via Wi-Fi or cable to go to the internet.
Sky Q mini box be placed in other rooms and connects to the main Sky Q box, either by Wi-Fi, cable, or via powerline networking, and then you can view the Sky content in other rooms.

Can Sky Q box work with Deco?

The Sky Q box can work with Deco.
In general, when Sky engineers install Sky Q boxes and/or install additional Sky Q Mini boxes, they configure them to have wireless switched on (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). 
•    a 2.4 GHz connection (only) to connect your Sky Q box to your existing Wi-Fi network/broadband connection.
•    a 5 GHz connection to connect your Sky Q box to any Sky Q Mini boxes.
However, when Sky Q box and Sky Q mini box are connected wirelessly because stream video easily takes up most of the bandwidth, and their own Wi-Fi may be also causing interference to the router's Wi-Fi network, so when they are working, there may be a slow or unstable problem occurs in the network. 
The wired connection is faster and more stable than a wireless connection, wire Sky Q box to the router and wire Sky Q mini box to sky Q box will reduce Wi-Fi interference in the network and release Wi-Fi capacity for other broadband applications, in this case, the network will be more stable and perform better thus we suggest building a wired sky Q network.


What can I do if the Sky Q can’t work with Deco?
Problem Phenomenon:
Currently, we have encountered the issue such as Sky Q box and Sky Q Mini box freezes when connecting to Deco, Deco or the connected devices have unstable or slow speed problem when Sky Q box connected, etc.

1) The Sky Q box for some reason sends out an SSDP broadcast storm that causes the network issues, the sky company has released a new firmware QR16 for the sky q box. It’s suggested to update the firmware of the Sky Q box to the latest one. 


2) Simplify the network diagram, connect the Sky Q box to the main deco only to have a try.


3) Turn off the Fast Roaming, Beamforming, Mesh Technology on the Deco APP for the Sky Q main box and mini box.


4) Set up a wired sky Q network, connect the  Sky Q main box to the main deco via a cable, then connect the Sky Q mini box to the nearest satellite Deco nodes via cable as well, turn off the Sky Q Wi-Fi used for internal communication between the main box and mini box.