MR600 V2 & 4G/+ Antenna Information (LPDA MIMO)

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Welcome to the 4G LTE network! The whole story is attributed to @vk3hjq , Thank you a lot.


LTE-Advanced service in AU

Some basic indexes about the LTE signal strength

A brief introduction about MIMO (multi-input multi-output) /SISO(single input single output)
1. Archer MR600 is Cat 6/ 2*2 MIMO, which means if you want to replace the original antennas, they need to be 2*2 MIMO as well.
2. Always have 2 Antennas connected, it will NOT work with ONLY the AUX Antenna connected, (unless a very high signal is present) but it will work with the Main Antenna connected.

Detailed Specification of the LDPA antennas


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If you want to know more details about the installation and performance of the LDPA antennas in the field test, and ground protection, please refer to the original post.

MR600 V2 & 4G/+ Antenna Information (LPDA MIMO) AU - John VK3HJQ





Unable to connect the router to internet after i bring it to Spain. Everything was fine before i left Norway 

What can i do to solve the problem?

@Hallbjorn    Hi, Welcome to the community.

If it is related to the antennas, I would suggest you could start a thread here with the following details:

1. When you are in Spain, Do you use a local SIM card or international roaming SIM card?

2. Please check on the Advanced>status, whether you got the correct ISP information and IPv4 address under the internet.—you could share a picture on the new post if possible.








Please help me with my problem

I Just bought tplink mr600 v2 4g+ but I do not know why I can not get the fast speed. But My phone in the same area have fast speed .

In the same area my phone get 80 MB

but my router get 20 MB 



My network problem iso