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By Kevin_Z 2023-01-10 11:43:14

Wi-Fi Routers Support WireGuard VPN Now

VPNs have grown a great deal over the past few years, and as a result, we have seen an increase in demand for alternative VPN options on TP-Link routers. WireGuard VPN could be one of the most popular
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By COCOTHAILAND 2023-02-01 07:25:01

TP-LINK AX55 PRO will it support wireguard server and client?

TP-LINK AX55 PRO will it support wireguard server and client? If not support yet, please make an update fw to support wireguard server and client as soon as possible. This could bring TP-Link better t
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By BallistiX09 2022-04-17 00:05:04

Router IP redirects to tplinkwifi.net, instead of allowing direct access

I've been having an issue with my router where any time I go onto the router's admin page using the router's IP address, it gets redirected to tplinkwifi.net after a second or so. It then shows a page
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By xerxes 2023-02-02 23:57:54

Getting force redirected to "tplinkwifi.net"

Since purchase and after updates when I access my local IP "" I get redirected to "tplinkwifi.net" and there is no way of turning it off. In an other thread from 2 years ago it was said "He
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Kevin_Z 2022-12-09 09:07:50

[RESOLVED] DHCP server settings of Archer C80 will be restored or changed once it reboots

This Article Applies to: Archer C80_V1_1.12.0 Build 221010 Archer A8_V1_1.12.0 Build 221010 Archer C64_V1_1.12.0 Build 221010 Archer A64_V1_1.12.0 Build 221010 Issue Description/Phenomenon: After upgr
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Kevin_Z 2022-11-14 11:44:35

Official EasyMesh Firmware for Archer AX55 is NOW available

Hello everyone, We are happy to announce the official release of the EasyMesh firmware for Archer AX55. With this new firmware, you will now be able to connect two EasyMesh devices including TP-Link W