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By t-monk 2020-07-08 14:24:24

[Feature Request] Allow ssh configuration

I understand that ssh has only been made available on port 22 for use with the Deco app. However, this is extremely limiting and frustrating as now I'm unable to use ssh for anything whilst connected
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By Jeehaa 2019-06-15 15:23:04

Option to change 2.4GHz channel + width (20/40MHz)?

It seems the M5 uses a wide 40MHz channel in 2.4Ghz mode instead of the recommended 20MHz. How can we change that? Also would be nice if we could to change the wifi channels in advanced settings. Will
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By Schueler 2021-04-19 11:10:34

Deco M9 Plus(EU)_V2_1.5.3_210309

My current version of my Deco M9 Plus V2.0 is 1.5.1 Build 20210126 Rel. 59387. I am trying to upgrade it to 1.5.3_210309 by it fails over and over. - downloaded latest FW from TP-link site [https://ww
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By MFord 2021-03-28 05:17:30

Deco M9 plus backhaul speed test

There was a feature on the iPhone app for Deco that let me test the backhaul speed between units. For some reason I can't find it. How do I access it? Morgan
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By EvgenyGol 2020-11-25 05:24:16

Deco M9 Pro - network is not coming online after power outage

Hello I have 5 Deco M9 Plus connected to a ISP modem. All working fine but after power outages - the the network is not coming back. I tried to reproduce that and it is consistent. In order to resolve
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By GiGoVX 2020-11-02 21:51:03

How to configure

I'm wondering how to enable and access feature. I've entered the sub domain and clicked save in the Deco app but entering the URL doesn't work in my web browser. I use DDNS to access my