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By Trevrev 3 weeks ago

Lets begin page

Hello everyone. My Deco app keeps opening on the let's begin page. Firmware is up to date. I have to keep logging out and logging back in to get it to work. Tried the support page and chat. But no ans
Forums/ Deco
By HMKJP 3 weeks ago

Pixel 8 experiences intermittent instability when connecting to TP-Link Be85's MLO network

While Pixel 7a and Pixel 6a can connect seamlessly to the MLO network of the TP-Link Be85 Wi-Fi router, the latest Pixel 8 model exhibits intermittent instability when connected to the same network. T
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By Gary9 2024-04-25 08:11:59

Can't connect to 5g network

Hello. For some reason i can't connect to my routers 5g network. the 2.4g network works fine. 5g network simply says 'can't connect to this network' My phone is able to connect to the 5g network I hav
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By CharlesM99 2024-04-25 09:00:11

Unstable connection

Hi, My setup is as follows: 10G fiber cable connects to a BE85 which is the primary router. The BE85 connects to a switch and two XE75 Pro with Ethernet cable, and a 3rd XE75 pro wirelessly. Then the
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By jgraaf3 2024-04-25 15:07:00

Deco system loses connection when one particular PC connects to internet thru browser

I am having an odd issue and I don't know where to start.. I have 3 Deco M4s, connected to eachother with cables (in a chain). The main one operates in access point mode. Wifi on the ISP router has be
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By bensteiner1984 2024-04-24 12:25:21

Haupt-DNS-Server ändern

Ich versuche seit Inbetriebnahme meines TP-Link Routers die Haupt-DNS-Server über die DECO APP zu ändern. Leider schlägt das jedesmal fehl mit der Meldung "Ich habe die Informationen nicht bekommen. B