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By David-TP Friday

Wake on LAN

WOL (Wake On Local Area Network) allows a computer to be awakened from Sleep, Hibernate, or Shut Down power states from another device on the same network by sending a set of specially formatted netwo
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By RobSal2023 2 weeks ago

6Ghz wifi not showing up on 6e capable devices

Hi to all, Before deciding on a mesh system, specifically for 6Ghz wifi band, I verified and confirmed my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE5G, Samsung Galaxy S23, and the other two Lenovo laptops can see our SSID
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By Darren89 2023-02-17 20:34:32

Drastic reduction in speed

I've just purchased the AV600 kit & set it up with little problem. I live in a more rural area anyway, so my internet speed isn't great but I normally average 80mbps which is fine for what I need. My
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By David-TP 2023-02-17 10:04:32

What if the Download or Upload Speed of TX401 is slow?

This Article applied to: TX401 Problem Description: After installing TX401 on the Windows computer, you may notice the internet speed, especially the upload speed is pretty slow, sometimes less than 1
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By MeshalMaz 2023-01-01 21:03:38

TP Archer T2U - AC600 " Can't connect to this network " issue.

Hello, I'm trying to connect to the network but I'm facing the below error: I've installed the correct driver and have taken all the steps required. worth to mention that I'm trying to connect to the