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By SabrinaPereira Saturday

Wi-fi extender

Boa noite, Comprei o meu aparelho este verão e de repente deixou de funcionar. O sinal de wi-fi fica sempre a piscar, não conseguindo assim ter acesso.
Forums/ Range Extenders
By David-TP Yesterday

RE315 Supports EasyMesh Over Ethernet Backhaul

This Article Applied to: RE315_V1 Firmware Download Link: RE315_V1_1.0.30 Build 230919 Release Note: 1. Added Ethernet Backhaul support for EasyMesh; 2. Optimized EasyMesh stability; 3. Added EasyMesh
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By thedeco Friday

Deco is connecting to each other only using 2.4 Ghz

Hello! I bought 3 decos, and one of them (Office, in the image) is only connecting to the main deco (Living Room, in the image) using 2.4 Ghz, which slows down the whole network. They are close enough
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By MJA23 Saturday

Adding deleted PS4 to deco.

Hi, I accidentally deleted the PS4 from the Deco app. It no longer shows up on the list of clients, either active, off-line or blocked. Is there a way to add a client back once deleted? The PS4 recogn
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By AlexBorges Saturday

Deco S7 not "joining" my Mesh Network

Hi, need some help. Have posted another treads, but no more answers appears. A person made a question, requested the log, but disappear. So, I made some tests by myself and want to confirm this with y
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By Jonatan2023 a week ago

Unstable connection, nodes going offline (temporary)

I have an issue with my newly acquired Mesh network, Deco XE75. In total I have 5 nodes, with the primary connected by wire and all others wireless. Lately my nodes keep going offline, temporarily, bu