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By tkcambs Thursday

Deco X55 repeatedly resets

Hi all, We've got two Deco X55s set up in the home, the main one (we've tried switching) will reset, seemingly at random, throughout the day. It happens more regularly when my wife connects to her wor
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By Dokterd0k Wednesday

Android app is empty, forgets my networks

I recently switched from iOS to Android, and am experiencing an issue I've never had before on iOS. About once per day, when I open the Deco app, it is empty, as if I didn't have any networks linked t
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By Nvidia1070 a week ago

no wifi networks found

i installed windows 10 driver on windows 11 it installed succesfully but light keep blining and no wifi networks found please help
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By MarkyR74 Monday

IPV6 Failing after 30 Minutes

Hi, I had fibre broadband fitted today and I am using the BE65 Mesh system, before on my PPPOE connection my TP link was publishing IPv6 addresses fine, but now on fibre it isn't. My ISP said the sett
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By KentaWatanabe Monday

When operating with a SIM card, the connection is regularly lost.

I purchased the X50-5G. I have a 5G connection using a SIM card from a Japanese carrier (Rakuten Mobile), I get a network error about once every 1-3 days. Once the network error occurs, I cannot conne
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By Nicky1234 Monday

Stuck in solid yellow, have updated firmware

I purchased a pack of 3 and 2 connected to my existing system without issue. The third, I have tried to reboot, to update firmware and the solid yellow light remains. Any ideas please?