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By piknew 2023-03-02 19:48:03

Deco M4 and M5 - change the main Deco from M5 to M4

Originally I have bought set of two M4 devices. Some time later I have got Deco M5 and then I have added it to my network. Then M5 was set as main deco. One of M4 device was removed from network. Now
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By EMFON 2023-02-25 18:02:23

From M5 to X50, Stupidest Upgrade

From M5 to X50, Stupidest Upgrade With this upgrade, I lost the ff. features: - Do speedtests - A more programmable QoS - Free out-of-the-box protection (homecare) Stupid indeed.
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By devilson911 2023-02-25 15:25:01

Deco X50-PoE not showing they are connect with cable

Hi, I connect my three Deco X50-POE to single switch and that switch connected to my Internet Modem. the issue i am observing the Main access point connected to Internet Modem and second Access point
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By Whitesnake 2023-02-15 08:50:19

Deco X50/55 VPN server speed

Morning, I setup my Deco X55 with a L2TP/IPSec server VPN and I only get around 15MB up/down speed (connected at the same Wireless wifi at home). My connection is 300MB up/down, so I would like to kno
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By pjpete 2023-01-26 08:07:38

Deco X20 4G carrier profile update fix for red light

My Deco X20 4G router in mobile internet mode (using SIM card) suddenly got a red light and stopped working. I restarted it several times which did not fix issue. Took out SIM card nad tried it in my
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By Turcao 2023-01-11 16:13:06

deco x50 satellite only use 2.4 ghz signal

initially I apologize for my bad english. I have a Deco x50 system with two Deco's. The main deco is wired to the modem. The satellite is connected wirelles. Initial setup was done easily. Everything