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By NarkoKrig a week ago

Intel Killer BE1750X States DECO BE65 Access point is not BE compatible

I resently aquired two BE65 routers, as wifi upgrade was due. Along with this i have upgrade my Wifi on the Intel NUC8i7HVB to a Intel BE1750X Killler. The killer app that comes along with the Wifo NI
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By BlopM4R 2 weeks ago

M4R led light code

When adding a new M4R, I came across error code, repeating 2 blue light flashes followed by 2 peach light flashes. Anyone knows what the error message is?
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By oriolgm 3 weeks ago

P9 V1 Audio cuts

Hi, I got a mesh with 2 P9 devices connected to a router. Everything seems to be correctly configured. I got a quite good download speed on speedtest But when having a video call my voice is cut at so
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By Stumpee 2 weeks ago

Unable to ping or connect to Synology NAS DSM-918

Hello -- Network topology was: ONT -> Untangle (DHCP) -> 4-port Linksys Switch --> Deco Main Unit (1 of 3) in Access Point Mode Switch -> Synology DSM-918 (hardwire) Everything worked great. Network t
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By vnan1829 3 weeks ago

Deco XE75 pro IPV6 not working

Hello, I am unable to configure IPV6 on my deco. I have a omada system sitting in between my isp modem and deco. On omada system (router + switch + Controller), i get ipv6 assigned from ISP. However,
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By DIYWIFI 2 weeks ago

Deco red after power outage Ethernet cable not connected error

I had a power outage and my mesh network was not working. Had a solid red light on the main unit (the one connected to the modem) and flashing red on the other units. I followed instructions in this t