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12 hours ago
Re:EAP245 V4_1.3.0_Build 20240126 Pre-release (Released on Feb 5th, 2024)
@Hank21 still no info about beta / official firmware upgrade for EAP245 V3?
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2024-03-20 17:31:55
Re:Omada Hardware Controller OC400 V1_1.1.1 Pre-Release(Released on Mar 20th, 2024)
@Clive_A Does this firmware support IPS/IDS and DPI? If not, is there plan to support it in future?
Forums/ Routers
2024-01-04 09:12:10
Re:ER8411 and IDS/IPS
@Clive_A (Just changed title, hope it's ok now.) I just thought ER8411 as a current flagship would get new features in first wave and not after other less powerful models. Anyway, I must say I really...
Forums/ Routers
2024-01-02 13:45:54
ER8411 1.2.0 and IDS/IPS not implemented yet?
I've just installed latest firmware for ER8411 (1.2.0 Build 20231214 Rel.77035) and I'm surprised I still can't use IDS/IPS in network security (OC200 with firmware 1.19.3 Build 20230906 Rel.38429,...
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2023-12-08 09:55:53
Re:Omada SDN Controller_V5.13 Beta (Updated on Nov 21st, 2023)
@Hank21 Hank21 wrote Hi @PHTP, Thanks for your valuable feedback. After confirming with the Support team, the DPI is not supported for hardware controllers due to the hardware limitation. just to be...
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2023-08-08 19:14:42
WPA3 for EAP2xx series
Is there any way to get WPA3 support for EAP2xx series (incl. wall and outdoor models)? It seems OpenWRT can do this so it would be great to have it in official firmwares.