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2020-09-20 08:26:50
Re:【Deco Beta Firmware】Change wireless security type on your Deco system
@TP-Link_Deco Great article. It helps a lot for my work. Thanks for sharing these effective and helpful ways.
Forums/ Feature Request (Deco)
2020-09-20 08:25:57
Re:Possibility to change WiFi channels
@jcsogo If you want maximum throughput and minimal interference, channels 1, 6, and 11 are your best choices. But depending on other wireless networks in your vicinity, one of those channels might be...
Forums/ Deco
2020-09-20 08:24:15
Re:How to set up Deco to work in Access Point mode?
@TP-Link Deco The wireless AP cannot be connected to a modem. Typically, a switch or a router will be used as an intermediary. While the wireless router has a broadband dial-up function, which can be...