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By David-TP 2020-09-18 02:59:56

Weak secuirty issue on the IOS system

Background: Some of you may have updated your Apple devices to the latest iOS 14 version and get a “Weak Security” warning message when connecting to the Deco network. Why Deco network is displayed as
Forums/ Feature Request (Deco)
By jcsogo 2019-03-06 14:09:21

Possibility to change WiFi channels

There should be a way to change WiFi channel, or at least the system should change it by itself, choosing the least saturated one. For 2.4GHz it is clear that it will be almost impossible to select a
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By TP-Link Deco 2017-07-31 20:07:45

How to set up Deco to work in Access Point mode?

Deco supports Access Point mode with latest firmware and APP version. Please refer to the FAQ link for how to set up Deco in AP mode:
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By crayuk 2020-06-15 12:52:14

Deco P9 WPA Disable

Hi, I have come to swap some equipment on to my Deco P9 mesh network, but on the equipment the wifi shows up as WPA-PSK TKIP. Considering how new the P9 is and how insecure the WPA protocol is, I don'
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By kostaK 2019-10-29 19:59:08

Deco P7 internet problems

1. Deco P7 works, but sometimes on my smartphone and my parents/brothers smartphone, it says that the internet doesnt work. 2. Another Problem: MY setup Fritzbox 7590(router)--------DECO MAIN(connecte