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By Dylandub8 2024-05-17 17:59:32

WiFi access point gives WiFi signal but no actual connection

I have this WiFi access point I'm using to get WiFi in my garage, just ran a cat5 to the garage, pluged it into the home router and the access point, turned it on and it gives out the WiFi signal but
Forums/ Deco
By Ms_D_Tech 2 weeks ago

How to set up Deco M4 and Deco M5

I have 3 units Deco M4, but I want to add Deco M5 and use as main wired from my tplink router. Then M4 as mesh. Is that ok?
Forums/ Deco
By Jovanwe 2024-04-01 14:38:47

Deco mesh m4

Hello, is it possible to use a deco mesh m4 cube as an wifi-extender on the camping? my plan is to connect the m4 with my laptop. I probably need some adapter-cable with a usb-connector on one site.Th
Forums/ WiFi
By SteveMann 2024-04-01 02:46:46

What does a status of WiFi mean?

My EAPs are all hardwired to one of a TL-SG1210P 8 Port Gigabit PoE Switch or a TL-SG1005P 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch. However, one of them are showing a status of "WiFi". If this means that the connec
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By Jwinter 2024-02-10 21:02:36

Multiple Access points.

I've recently purchased 5 EAP655 units for each room to provide wireless and plug in options for gamers. 2 rooms are back to back with a downstairs family room in the same wall. If I place 2 units bac
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By Nufc123 2024-02-10 20:24:29

Deco WiFi speeds

Hi all, I am after some help. I've had deco M5 around the house for a while with a virgin router turned into a modem. all good with good WiFi speeds. I have switched from virgin to city fibre with vod