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By SBK323 2021-02-27 04:18:39

Manual LTE Band selection MR600V2

Hi Team, Today I bought MR600V2 but it do not allow to select manual band selection. I am looking for LTE manual band selection for MR600V2. Kindly provide beta firmware fot it.
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By Kevin_Z 2020-12-08 07:11:08

Manual Band Selection for 4G WiFi Routers

If you have experienced an issue of disconnecting or slowness on the 4G Wi-Fi router’s network due to the auto band selection, Please download and install the following beta firmware on the router to
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By HKMP 2020-11-03 12:45:07

Re:TL-MR100 Custom Band Selection

@Sunshine Hi can you please forward the same beta firmware to me also. Thank you.
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By AlexanderBaby 2021-01-20 08:24:04

Re:Manual Band Selection for 4G WiFi Routers

@Kevin_Z Hello, I have bought router MR600 only for the Carrier Aggregation feature. Now I have experienced that this router will not support CA with airtel and Jio. TP-Link India website TP-Link says
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By Cidrow 2020-10-06 17:40:17

Dear Devs, please release beta firmware with band selection for TL-MR6400 V5

Dear Devs, please release beta firmware with band selection for TL-MR6400 V5, because router behaviour on automatic selecting bands is really annoying. To me it randomly choose band between 3 to 7, wh
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By M2NGWA_89 2020-11-17 05:07:25

Manual band selection for TL-MR6400

When are you adding the manual band selection on this router, I really need that option to get better signal quality.