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By Subbu_6697 2020-10-06 06:57:52

Archer t2U unable to detect 5Ghz

I have installed the latest drivers from the downlaod center, but still my Archer T2U is unable to detect any 5 Ghz network. I have tried different ports on my laptop as well. Please help.
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By sren 2020-10-07 11:42:10

Archer T4U cannot detect any 5g connections

Hi I just bought and installed the archer t4u adapter on my laptop. It works well on my 2,4 ghz and have improved the general internet experience alot. However, I cannot detect any 5 ghz wifi connecti
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By Franz787 2020-07-24 19:25:13

Archer T2U Nano cannot detect 5Ghz Network

Hi all, I bought an Archer T2U nano adapter, but it cannot detect 5GHz wifi network on my Windows 10 notebook (2004 version), recently reinstalled from scratch. It only detects the 2.4Ghz network. I p
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By Frankification 2020-02-29 06:47:01

Archer T2U Nano cannot detect any 5GHz

I bought a Archer T2U Nano, installed latest driver (Windows 10) but cannot detect 5GHz networks It can detect other 2.4GHz (gets disconnected easily too) but not a single 5GHz (there are other 5Ghz i
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By EmilioSan 2020-12-20 14:57:40

Archer Nano T2U not locating 5Ghz, several drivers, and speed issues

Hello! I have a very similar issue as this post: https://community.tp-link.com/en/home/forum/topic/196864 I Have TP LINK ARCHER T2U NANO V1.0 I use a router TP LINK ARCHER C20(ES) V5.0 with dual band