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By jdaniele 2022-09-26 16:24:32

TL-SG105PE - No HTTPS protocol available to login.

Dear all, I bought 3 TL-SG105PE switches because they are manageable. I tried to access them with the https protocol with no luck. Only http is accepted by the switches and this is unacceptable: the u
Forums/ Business Switches
By jdaniele 2022-09-12 23:24:45

TL-SG105PE - POE still working after disabling the ports

Dear support, this managed switch allow to disable specific ports and that's good. I attached 4 POE IP-Cameras to the switch. The strange thing happens when I try to disable a port to shutdown a camer
Forums/ 3G/4G Routers/MiFi
By carmlav 2022-08-23 09:16:16

Remote management over vpn +(openvpn)

Hi everyone, I have correctly configured Vpn (openvpn) and Dynamic DNS (dyndns org). I am able to reach all the devices in the through vpn tunnel but not the modem configuration page. I always get the
Forums/ 3G/4G Routers/MiFi
By Kevin_Z 2021-06-15 02:49:10

Disable OneMesh Hidden SSID on the 3G/4G modem

Hello everyone, Some customers may report their Onemesh routers are emitting a hidden network, which makes them confused and nervous as they cannot turn it off manually on the router web GUI. The hidd
Forums/ SOHO Switches
By jdaniele 2022-08-13 14:43:38

What are the differences between TL-SG105PE V1 and V2?

Hi All, few days ago I bought a TL-SG105PE (still in the box) to power my IP cameras but looking at the support page i noticed there are two versions of the switch, V1 and V2. I have the V1. Before bu
/ 3G/4G Routers/MiFi
By jdaniele 2021-03-31 21:59:59

Re:Unknown hidden SSID from the MR600. What is it and how do I deactivate it?

@Solla-topee Hi, I had a similar issue: completely disabling WiFi I still see the strong hidden signals on both 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands! That's very annoying for many reasons: 1) I have the router MR600 a