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By givemeatip 2020-05-08 21:42:50

Problems with Archer T4U(US) v3.20

So, I'm having problems with this adapter TP-Link Archer T4U(US) v3.20 since it came for me. First the CD didn't recognize the adapter. The latest v3 US driver on the TP-Link website also didn't recog
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By DvGxVN 2020-04-22 07:32:55

Archer T4U is not recognized as USB 3.0

I have recently upgraded to the Archer T4U adapter because I gave the previous adapter to my relative. After I installed the driver and the WPS tool via Autorun.exe in the CD, I went to the Bluetooth
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By novahudonosor 2020-01-23 10:13:43

TP-Link Wireless MU-MIMO USB Adapter not work in usb3 mode! Need help!

Hello everyone! My Archer connected to usb3 port (Lenovo desktop) but work in usb2! Drivers are old 2018 in website here, was trying them but still i have usb2. Someone can help me to find the right d
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By Roko101 2020-08-21 07:23:01

Archer T4U wont connect to USB 3

Hi Im running a Windows 10 Dell precision tower. im having a similar problem to a few posts ive seen. When I connect my T4U to my computer its states that the "Device can perform faster when connected