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By RickJamesBish Sunday

Any benefit of OC200 Hardware Controller if not meshing or roaming?

I have been working with this 3 AP Outdoor Mesh for a few days now. Hardware includes OC200, 2x EAP225 Outdoor (wireless) and a EAP610 Outdoor (wired). The Mesh is just not working out and not showing
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By herwig Thursday

ER605 v2.0 (Firmware 2.0.1) DNS Server Auto - not working

I bought this router to get to know the omada system. Right from the beginning, I had issues as all devices told "no internet connection" - ping to a IP address worked, however the dns service didn't
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By mehmeh Wednesday

How or where can you find evidence why a switch disconnects ?

TL-SG2210MP was disconnected. Sep 22, 2022 17:38:23 I wanted to check something in the my OC200 today , and I noticed my switch was disconnected. sp 6 days ago , the MP decided 'to leave the building'
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By GamerulEDY a week ago

i forgot my password

So i forgot my password to the swich and i don't have reset button so i can'r reset it and the web page is disabled so i can only acces it trought cli but i don't remember the password how can i reset

Re:i forgot my password

is there any other way cuz i cant stop the boot trough cli with microusb cable and i don't want to buy other cable
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By ITV a week ago

Omada controller web-UI via reverse proxy

Team, I would like to have the Omada controller made available via reverse proxy. I found several posts on this topic - but nothing that lead to a working situation. I change of making this work with