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EP25P4 IP Address Outside of DHCP Range

Hello I'm running a dozen EP25P4 outlets on my OMADA SDN managed network setup (ER605 Router/OC200 Controller). My router is setup as the DHCP server for my LAN with a DHCP range of to 192
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By Jesus-C Monday

Introduce WireGuard VPN through firmware updates + VPN client mode to routers

I subscribe to and fully support DaSmith request dated 2022-02-24. Tp-Link correctly answers him saying that the Archer also accesses VPN, yes, tru, but forgets the essential: the Wireguard VPN is muc
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By rbryan79 Tuesday

Deluxe Smart Switch

Why doesn't TP -Link offer a Deluxe Smart Switch?
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By KIdSquid Tuesday

Forum - Can't Post

Why do I get the following error message when there is no link included in the post or title??? I tried to move the error message so you could see the rest of the content..but I assure you I have no l
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By Riley_S Tuesday

Tapo C420S2 2K QHD, Battery-Powered, Full-Color Night Vision, Indoor/Outdoor  

TP-Link Launches Tapo C420S2 2K QHD, Battery-Powered, Full-Color Night Vision, Indoor/Outdoor Official Press Release from TP-Link: Press Release Product Page: Tapo C420S2 Product Page The First Batter
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By Melchior a week ago

Lack of firmware updates for my router... concerning?

I am just a tad bit concerned that there has been no updates to my router's firmware since: Published Date: 2022-04-26 also my router is the Archer AX 6600 aka AX90 (hardware_v1.26) and software (v1.1