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Forums/ Access Points
By Gii 2024-03-23 17:07:30

How to control TL-WA1201 withe Tether app

Hi, I have a TL-WA1201 and I would like to control it remotely with the Tether app. Is this possible? I can only do it when the app is on the same network. When trying remotely I get: “an error occurr
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By Gii 2024-03-21 18:46:07

Alwys Offline

My tapo plug P100 keeps going offline and when it does it does not come back online even if I unplug it. It only comes back if I do a hard reset but even after the reset it goes offline after some tim
Forums/ WiFi
By Gii 2023-04-21 09:25:14


Should EAP110-Outdoor be mounted facing any direction? Should the front (with tp-link logo) face be facing the direction we need wifi?
Forums/ Feature Requests
By Gii 2023-02-11 17:50:31

Reorder devices in Tapo App Home

It would be nice if we could reorder devices in Tapo App Home
Forums/ Feature Requests
By Gii 2023-02-11 17:48:30

Add action button to camera view

I have various cameras, sockets and lights and it would be nice if I could turn on a specific light/socket when viewing from a specific camera. Basically to be able to add an action button to a camera
Forums/ Tapo Smart Cameras
By Gii 2023-02-11 17:41:23

Disabled alert

I have inserted a username + password in the camera account to try to use with the VLC app and it didn't work, now I don´t want to use it with VLC and just use it with a microSD card and with Tapo Car