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By kdurigan 2023-02-22 23:37:36

ER7206 Azure Site to Site VPN (IPSec) Disconnects every 5 minutes

I have IPSec two tunnels defined to Azure. The tunnel to North Central US works without issue. An identically configured tunnel to West US 3 apparently drops and successfully reconnects the session ev
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By antonioabb 2022-12-11 09:37:36

Fasted Ping in load balancing

Hi, by enabling the er605 load balancing, having two internet lines, is it possible to ALWAYS choose the lowest Ping to use? In my case I have a Tiscali internet line with Ping 17ms and a Vodafone int
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By Shoresy 2022-12-12 00:07:42

ER605 - 1Gb Symmetrical Fios, upload seems capped at 240Mbps

I recently set up an Omada-controlled ER605 (v2 w/USB port on front) for my home business 1Gb symmetrical Fios connection. My previous router had no issues getting 1Gb up/down on speed tests, the ER60
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By gjunk 2022-12-07 16:50:32

dns problems with tl-er6120

I am having intermittent dns problems. wan1 is a comcast gigabit cable modem. wan2 is a T-mobile 5g modem. Wan1 is primary. Wan2 is secondary. I can ping an ip address but I can't ping a website. ping
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By chuq 2022-12-05 20:25:58

3 WAN backup

Hello I'm trying to configure setup with 3 WAN ports, and want them to be prioritized by the order. So everything should work through one port, and if it goes down - switch to the next one and so on,