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Forums/ 5G/4G Wi-Fi Routers/MiFi
By Nbl1 2024-05-25 16:32:42

Lock connection to a single cell tower

Hello, I have a problem of internet speed in my town. When I connect to a cell tower in the downtown (who is nearby 1,5 km) I got 150mb/s At home, I get 5 mb/s. So, I want to ask if the engineers can
Forums/ 5G/4G Wi-Fi Routers/MiFi
By Nbl1 2024-05-11 17:54:26

Internet Speed very slow and frequent disconnection on TL-MR100 after upgrade

Hello, I Have a TL-MR100 router that i use it in french guyana with RED caraibe by SFR. Everything worked fine for the first day but after that, the connection have faced some disconnection. So, I upg