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By TP_TechWriter Monday

Burglars Go Away — Away Mode of a Tapo Smart Plug

Burglars Go Away — Away Mode of a Tapo Smart Plug “Please Help! I have to travel a lot for work and I worry that being way so much makes my home vulnerable to break ins. I usually leave the lights on
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By jb0n 2 weeks ago

HS200 wiring question

I'm having trouble getting the HS200 to power my lights. I've looked on the internet and I don't see any switches that are currenly wired the way my existing one is. What I have (that works): A simple
Forums/ Smart Plugs
By smithhn 2019-12-28 16:59:10

Kasa reporting all devices offline or unavailable

We have a number of smart plugs and bulbs in the house. We use the Kasa app. Everything has worked faultlessly for a couple of years. Suddenly, all control has stopped working, for all devices, either
Forums/ Smart Plugs
By bmiranda 3 weeks ago

HS100 - Can't connect to Wifi network in the initial setup

Hi, I already have 3 smart plugs (HS100) installed at my home and they all work perfectly. I bought for Christmas another one and I just can't add it in the Kasa app. The plug connects to my phone usi
Forums/ Smart Switches
By Fabiohcd 2019-12-11 00:21:36

HS200 don't turn on my bulbs/lamps

I tried to install my HS 200 on the bathroom, I follow al the physical installation like the TP show me and the smart switch wroks and I can configure the wifi and use on KASA APP but it not turn on t
Forums/ Smart Switches
By Jainkristen 2019-03-12 17:21:09

TP-Link HS200 Flickering, but receiving power, and switch not functioning

o I have my house set up for a lot of smart home items, and I wanted to get some overhead lights attached to a smart switch. I had some TP-Link and Kasa bulbs and plugs, so I bought the HS200 switch t