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Forums/ Smart Bulbs
By jarminkhan Tuesday

Any way to change WiFi without total reset????

I just got a new WiFi access point. Is there any way to change the WiFi for all my bulbs and plugs without having to reset each one individually? When I go into the app (Android) I see the network str
Forums/ Smart Plugs
By SSBTech 2019-01-01 00:43:28

HS105 Smart Plug - not responding after adding second plug

Hello, Having an odd issue here - I have two of the TP Link HS105 Smart Plugs. I previously had these working perfectly - one has my Christmas tree on it, the other has some other decorations. I was p
Forums/ Smart Switches
By Homerandfamily hace una semana

HS 200 switch flashing red

I have 7 to 8 HS200 units all over my house. Two units keep disconnecting from the application. In specific I have tried now to reset them multiple times. After few attempts at reset I can get them to
Forums/ Smart Switches
By michaeljames hace una semana

Smart Switch not working with fan/light combo

Hey all - I have a fan/light that is currently being controlled by a single switch (light and fan speed controlled by pullchain). Current wiring into the fan switch is a ground, a black wire, and a bl
Forums/ Smart Plugs
By DarkTron hace una semana

HS100 not switching off power

Hello! I purchased an HS100 smart plug on November 26, 2018 over Amazon. It worked well so far. Since about 1 week (10 Months in use) there is the following problem: The socket does not switch off. If
Forums/ Smart Plugs
By Tom2019 Hace 2 semanas

Smart plug loses connection all the time

I purchased the HS100 last week and it's useless. It loses connection to the wi-fi daily. I have Sonos, UniFi, Hue all working perfectly and have done for two years or more. Is TP Link just poor quali