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By Tony Thursday

Latest firmware (version 1.3.1) with new features for Deco M5 released

Hi All, A new firmware (version 1.3.1) for Deco M5 has been released. The new release has fixed the Wi-Fi dropout issue with the 1.2.8 version and added some new amazing features. Notes: 1. Please upd
Forums/ Deco
By Quayside1000 a week ago

It doesn’t work.

Help renaming tp link
Forums/ Adapters
By newbie321 Wednesday

TL-WN881ND can not connect to wifi router

I have the following setup: Dell 2350 router (yes, very old router but works, ;) ) is serving my wifi needs. it serves WPA-PSK AES/TKIP security connection TL-WN881ND is installed on my pc and has bee
Forums/ Deco
By schafferm Wednesday

LAN IP not maintained

Has anyone noticed that despite setting the LAN IP subnet to 1.1 or something like this for the router it will at times force a reset to a different subnet in my case 4.1?
Forums/ Smart Bulbs
By NeaDomus Wednesday

Router Changed LB120 won't do a reset

Recently I changed my old router with a new one, and now I can't do a soft reset (nor hard reset) into my LB120 o assing the new wifi signal. I tried hundreds of times do the 3/5 times on-off to enter
Forums/ Smart Bulbs
By lawnmowerman Tuesday

KB100 Comes on Randomly

For the past few weeks, my KB100 bulb comes on at random times. I deleted all schedules for the bulb, have reset the bulb and added it back to the network and it still does the same thing. How do I ge