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By Sfx32 Thursday

How to select carrier manuel.

I seen you can manualy select the carrier you prefer on other models. I am atm in germany using a german sim from tmobile that also offer hotspots. But i cant select the carrier myself , so i cannot u

Re:Manual dual band selections for 4g+

Hi, After I select manual 2 bands to got 4g+ mimo to use. Can I select which band is first and which is second? Maybe you think, *that's not important, its work still* but it is not. I have bands 1,3,
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By newbie0022 Thursday

4G MR600 Modem and similar

hi, I am looking for a 4G Modem that does not require nbn or any fixed line internet connection.Am needing to use with a phone sim. Does the MR600 and one similar which specifies 4G mean that it will
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By Phoenix1384 Thursday

Difference between V5 and V5.2

Hi everybody I just want to know what is the difference between mr200 V5 and V5.2?
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By PedroCarvalho a week ago

Static route error- can't ping server to client

Hi, I need two routers to communicate by PPTP. The TP-Link router is working as server. The TP-Link network is while the other router (other brand) is responsible for network
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By Giocher a week ago

M7650 constant disconnection

I just bought the device and it would be working great if it didn't lose connection so frequently. When it happens, device is connected with Wi-Fi to the device, but the download rate goes to 0.0 K/s