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By Russ321 Sunday

No internet

Hi, I've just bought a AC1200 dual band Archer 600. I have tethered to my iPhone to set it up but keep getting message "no internet ". The SIM card is o2 and works in my car but not with Archer. Shoul
Forums/ 3G/4G Routers/MiFi
By Ronax Sunday

Use my router as wireless repeater

Good day I have another 5G router and i want to use my Archer MR600 as wireless repeater or extender without any wires between the 2 routers thanks in advance
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By SDM12345 Saturday

WDS mode

MR 200 have WDS mode or not
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By 77berniek a week ago

Can’t connect

I have a SIM card in this device and it still won't connect to intern
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By ABW a week ago

TPG firmware installed on own router. How to reinstall stock firmware?

ISP custom firmware (TPG Australia) for MR600 v2 is available to download on Official TP-Link website with no description or release notes to indicate that the firmware is only for TPG supplied router
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By Nikpav a week ago

Re:TL-MR6400 doesn't show online in Tether App

@Sunshine I have the same exact problem.... I have internet ok in my mr6400 but my router shows offline. If I restart the router gets back online in tether app but after a while goes offline even if I