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By fzn194 Yesterday

TP-Link Archer MR200 4G LTE WiFi home ethernet as main source of internet, not 4G?

I have the router mentioned in the subject, I just moved to another apartment and the signals are bad but there is home connection, however when I connected it the ethernet cable from the wall, the ro
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By Teza Sunday

4g wifi router ac1200

Just connected my new modem and when I go to connect a iPad or phone to it in the wifi settings it says it's unsecured is this a concern or normal thanks
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By Peter50 Sunday

Data type selection

An odd issue on this router over the past week. Not sure whether it is the router, the SIM card or the Network. 1. Always in the past the selected network type was 4G only. 2. A week ago this selectio

M7350 v3 - Can't boot

Hi there, First, I'm sorry if my English is so bad, I'm from Madagascar. ok now i have a difficult problem if you can help me to unbrick my device sir. I am trying to update my device using M7350(EU)_

M7000 not connecting to internet

Hi i'm trying to install my new tplink m700, i followed the instructions but when i start the tplink the internet led does not come on and in the page the "sim card status" is ready (attac
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By Nescamar Wednesday

4G INTERNET doesn't work without the Roaming setting. Why?

Hello, I have DIGI as my 4G internet company and I cannot connect without having the roaming setting in my router. For that matter I am consuming "roaming DATA" that it is not unlimited... nevertheles