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By s_rosenthaler 2019-11-10 10:09:52

Will TP-Link Deco support HomeKit for Routers in the future?

Apple announced "HomeKit for Routers" a few month ago. This is a feature ton enhance the security of your HomeKit enabled devices on network leve. Is TP-Link activly working to add support for this? H
Forums/ Deco
By Kaiyuan 2019-08-05 15:25:21

Deco m9 wifi channel

Hi, My deco m9 is operating in channel 44, which is the same as my neighbor's wifi. May I request the feature to be able to change wifi channel manually to avoid wifi congestion? Since you guys are be
Forums/ Deco
By krazee 2019-08-21 12:02:42

Adding M3W to P7 network

Hello, I have a pair of Deco P7 and have just bought an M3W to add on to the network. However the Deco app does not allow me to add the M3W to the network, saying that I need to update the firmware of
Forums/ General Discussion
By s_rosenthaler 2019-08-21 10:41:48

Improve quality of the Community, especially regarding spam posts

There are a lot of spam posts popping up in this Community. Maybe a more secure login process (Captcha or Two-factor authentication) would improve theh situation.
Forums/ Deco
By s_rosenthaler 2019-01-31 17:55:38

Availability Deco M3W

When will the wall plug Deco M3W be available in Europe. Or are there other wall plugs planed to be compatible with the Deco system via a firmware update?
Forums/ Feature Request (Deco)
By s_rosenthaler 2019-08-21 10:29:15

DoH (DNS over HTTPS) support for Deco

Synology recently added support for DoH to their range of routers (https://blog.synology.com/dns-over-https/). This is a feature I would like to see on the TP-Link Deco range of routers as well. Is su