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By SimonM 2023-01-27 10:37:16

Deco M9+: Speed drops to 90Mbps from 350Mbps after a few hours. Restart and it returns to 350Mbps.

Hi, I have an M9+ V2 as the main node connected to a Virgin Media modem. The main M9+ node is then connected to a further 5 deco nodes (2 x M9+ and 3 x M5) through a Netgear unmanaged switch. All conn
Forums/ Deco
By SimonM 2019-09-23 17:25:42

Deco series: can they be connected via a wired network to one another?

Hi everyone, I am thinking about buying one of the Deco packs with the goal of getting one WiFi network to cover my whole house. I already have a number of wired network points around the house in a '