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By tgo 2022-03-25 13:31:51

All Decos lose internet when one is powered off, need multiple reboots to reconnect

This is a bit of a strange one and has only just started. I have 4 M5's around the house and one is the hall, if I disconnect the plug it is connected to (to power my hoover) it knocks all the other 3
Forums/ Deco
By tgo 2021-08-19 10:52:44

M5 Capped at 100Mbit

I've just had my internet speed upped from 100 Mbit to 200 Mbit, and I'm having some issues, as my decos seem to be running at 100Mbit still only. My network plan goes: Provider hub > Main Deco > Swit
Forums/ Feature Request
By tgo 2021-07-27 14:07:23

TP-Link Video Doorbell battery powered option?

Are TP-Link considering a battery powered video doorbell model, not everyone has the ability to get power from the mains to one and a li-ion rechargeable battery seems to work well for other makers.
/ Adapters
By Vivian 2015-08-26 10:05:55

Re:Gigabit PC Network Adapter TG-3269

LAN ports of your router are gigabit ports? Can you provide brand and model number of it?
By 1970-01-01 00:00:00

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By tgo 2021-06-29 15:23:46

HS100 smart plug recognised in Kasa app but not in Deco app

So I've installed a load of smart plugs, but this one just will not show up in the deco app at all under Smart> Switches/Plugs If I click on the + and tell it to add 'smart devices' Select TP-Link, th