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By alanbridgestone 2019-01-09 20:02:13

openvpn client on archer mr200 v3 eu

I have seen that this excellent 4g router has the possibility to an OPENVPN server. But this is a functionality which is totally useless because no provider of 4G LTE provides an public ip(unless you
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By Lee46 2019-12-23 00:09:21

Archer MR600 not compatible with VPNs - ExpressVPN or NordVPN

I subscribed to ExpressVPN and NordVPN only to find after talking to their technical support helpdesks that the MR600 does not support VPN providers. Have to say TP-LINK this is very dissappointing an
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By Terror404 2019-12-26 18:02:53

Port Forwarding and ping not working

Hi all, I've set up Port Forwarding on my router, but it seems, that it doesn' work. I've forwarded the port 25565 like this: (NAT Forwarding -> Virtual Servers) 25565 is the port for Minecraft server
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By Fred.Bonus 2018-07-12 17:20:02

TL-MR6400 Port Forwarding not working

Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : Hi, I have a TL-MR6400 V2 connected to the internet using 4G and I am trying to port forward a number of ports to a particular IP address. I Have co
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By lorenzo444 2018-07-28 08:45:51

Port Forwarding Not Working on TL-MR3220

Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : So. i use a tp-link router TL-MR3220... it is a little old... but it's working.and i searched many tutorials and etc around the internet, and tried