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By darant 2020-10-14 09:14:42

Two MIMO Antenna - Question

QQ.... Can two MIMO Antenna be attached to these things? I've bought a splitter shown below and wondered if two antenna would make any difference. If I endorse both the wires are matched from each ant
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By darant 2020-09-28 12:50:39

Finally giving up on TP Link..

Well.... After YEARS of being a TP Link customer, I have finally gone and bought the AVM Fritz Box 6890 LTE & AVM FRITZ!Repeater 3000 Network Mesh Repeater. I have had several people come and help me
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By ahhydri 2020-05-09 01:27:04

Re:MR600 connection keep dropping

@hradzi i have the same issue. same hardware and firmware version. 2020-05-09 04:08:59 [6] 4G: ERROR: Post event to MOBILE server failed, errno = 146 (Connection refused). 2020-05-09 04:08:59 [6] 4G:
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By Kevin_Z 2019-05-07 06:15:30

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Smart connect vs mu-mimo

You are most welcome. glad to help. Do not hesitate to contact us if need more help in the future. Have a good day.
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By SurajShah 2020-05-01 02:56:36

Re:TL-MR6400 unstable LTE connection

@SurajShah I read the forum and seems other people have these issues also. Before i ship the product back, is there any beta software I can try? Thanks, Sunny
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By Beton 2019-11-19 22:28:08

MR200 and MR600 keep dropping LTE connection !

I've tried two models: Archer MR200and now MR600. Both router constantly drop LTE connection. Another router, DLINK DWR921, on the same sim card, never drops LTE connection. My other devices on differ