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By user10000 18 hours ago

Access Control: Block Internet but Allow LAN

Hi. I want to block incoming/outgoing Internet access for a device, but still allow local LAN connections for it. e.g. I want my printer to connect with my computer while both on the same WiFi network
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By user_123 Yesterday

How to change wifi password

How to change password
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Jibril Saturday

1000Mbps/Full Duplex on AC1900

I have a 300mbps modem and I connected the Archer C80 via LAN. I noticed that when I change the "Internet Port Negotiation Speed Setting" of the Archer C80 into a different duplex here's what shows up
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By Leo63 Friday

Router is working fine but I cannot access the router settings after setting off DHCP

I've configuree a Home Network with three Routers. Router One is a Technicolor router, ISP Provider, plus two Archer C5. The Goal is to move around the house seamlessly, with the cell phone changing t
/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Leo63 Thursday

Re:Super hard router reset

Thank you @terziyski , but at least in Argentina those routers are sold to final customers. I've contacted the local tp link support area and they come up with a solution but it didn't worked in my ro

Re:VPN client option can’t be found

@Liverpool20 Thank you for your reply. As you can see it is in router mode and the item is not displayed in the menu.