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By Hank21 2024-03-11 06:58:26

EAP230-Wall V1, EAP235-Wall V1 3.2.0_Build 20240103 Pre-release (Released on Mar 8th, 2024)

This Article Applies to: EAP230-Wall V1.0, EAP235-Wall V1.0 | Adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.9 Update Log May 10, 2024: Update to provide the official version for the following EAP: EAP235-Wall(EU
Forums/ WiFi
By dunxd 2024-05-11 09:04:03

Bad Firmware for EAP235-Wall

Omada app alerted me to new firmware release for EAP235-Wall - 3.2.2 Build 20240407 Rel. 70269. This is not listed on the firmware page for this device. After installing it WiFi clients struggled to l
Forums/ DSL Modem Routers
By dunxd 2024-04-13 11:40:16

Disable DHCPv6 on VR600

After a long time of trying to figure out why my computers are from time to time using my Archer VR600 router as a DNS server I have found out that these seems to be no way of turning off DHCPv6 on th
Forums/ WiFi
By dunxd 2024-03-23 20:22:02

EAP235-Wall v1, Firmware 3.2 feedback

Tried the beta firmware on my OC200 managed EAP235-wall v1 access points. Very poor performance for Android and Windows clients after upgrade completed. Unable to even load this forum. Rolled back to
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By Hank21 2024-02-05 08:40:21

EAP225 V5_1.3.0_Build 20240126 Pre-release (Released on Feb 5th, 2024)

This Article Applies to: EAP225 V5/V5.6 | Adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.9 Release Notes New Feature/Enhancement 1. Add support for Bonjour Service in Controller mode. 2. Add support for PMF in Co
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By dunxd 2023-09-28 13:22:30

Device adoption failed because device doesn't respond to adoption commands

So, trying to recover from the router disconnected from the Omada controller I reset the router, and now I am encountering even more problems. My controller is on a management network that I set up pr