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By Fae 2023-07-21 07:24:38

Experience the Latest Omada EAP Firmware - Trial Available Here, Subscribe for Updates!

Overview The purpose of this Early Access post is to offer you with a chance to experience the new features and updates of TP-Link Omada products in advance, and also give us TP-Link the opportunity t
Forums/ Controllers
By Fae 2020-12-31 08:46:50

Get the Latest Omada SDN Controller Releases Here - Subscribe for Updates

Latest Firmware Release > Early Access < Omada SDN Controller_V5.14.20 Pre-release (Updated on May 29th, 2024) Omada Hardware Controller_V5.14 Pre-release (Released on Apr 16th, 2024) Omada SDN Contro
Forums/ Routers
By Fae 2021-03-04 02:14:44

Get the Latest Firmware Releases for Omada Routers Here - Subscribe for Updates

Latest Firmware Release > Early Access < ER706W V1_1.1.1 Build 20240619 Beta Firmware for Omada Controller v5.13 (Released on Jul 17th, 2024) ER7412-M2 V1_1.0.1_Build 20240613 Beta Firmware (Released
Forums/ Switches
By dunxd 2023-04-24 17:02:18

How to reset TL-SG2210P v5 for re-adoption by Omada Controller

My switch lost connection to the Omada Controller, so I used the reset button to factory reset it. Now when I access it via the factory default IP ( the page says that the switch i
Forums/ Controllers
By Unraider 2022-01-10 15:35:42

"The number of logs is up to the limit" alert messages

I got tons of these alert messages when upgrading the Omada controller from 4.4.6 to 5.0.29. I acknowledge them all, and now I got another one, but I don't understand what do they mean. Any idea?
Forums/ DSL Modem Routers
By dunxd 2022-12-18 14:36:23

VR600 sending occasional DHCPv6 messages advertising itself as a DNS server

Despite having RADVD selected for address type, rather than DHCPv6, my VR600 broadcasts occasional DHCPv6 messages that advertises itself as the DNS server on my network. So my clients end up sending