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By Artapel 2020-05-22 22:55:07

AV600 claim 600Mbps with 100Mbps ports

AV600 claim 600Mbps but this is impossible since they have 100Mbps ports. I do not understand how this is not false advertising? Nowhere does it state that the system only has 100Mbps ports. Since the
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
By Nick1975 2020-05-23 18:43:08

Problem of configuration ethernet ports

I have installed and configurated the powerline, but it seems to be that there is some problems when I try to connect a second ethenet port. If using only one connection everything it is ok, usign a s
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
By latone 2018-03-17 23:55:15

How to disable the DHCP server in the TL-WPA9610

Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : Hi, The DHCP server in the TL-WPA9610 interferes with my main router's DHCP server. How do I disable the DHCP server in the TL-WPA9610? I expect it
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
By PowerlineFW 2020-04-19 13:03:09

Firmware for TL-WPA8630(P) TL-PA8033(P) TL-PA8030(P) TL-PA8010(P) QCA75XX-

Powerline firmware for TL-WPA8730(P) TL-WPA8630(P) TL-PA8033(P) TL-PA8030(P) TL-PA8010(P) version QCA75XX- This firmware is with 1200Mbit and 1300Mbit adapters compatible of every manufactu
By 1970-01-01 00:00:00