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By Mistadobalina 2020-06-04 18:46:53

In a starter kit does it matter which of the two units gets connected with the router?

Hello, I have TL-PA8033P KIT, those two beauties shown below, which I believe are TL-PA8030P and TL-PA8010P called so I guess because one has 3 ethernet ports and the other 1 ethernet port (I haven't
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
By FrancescoM 2020-05-21 10:02:05

Is it possibile to disable ethernet port for TL-WPA4220?

this extender is working great, everywhere I plug in the house I have a stable wi-fi. But I have a problem, in summer I connect it in the patio, so outside of the house. I have started thinking about
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
By Eyal1990 2020-05-21 15:21:55

TL-PA9020 ethernet can be used as 1 input and 3 output?

TL-PA9020 has 2 ports in each of the devices. Can I plug the router to one of the ports and then use the 3 (1 in the source and 2 in the target) ethernet ports as output? That meants for example: firs
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By Jason2509 2020-05-22 12:51:28

Wifi Extension on TpLink 4220 power line adaptor

Hi Does anybody know if I can use my powerline adaptor as a WiFi extender without connecting it to the powerline. Obviously it needs to be plugged into a socket and switched on but can I still use it
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By David_B 2020-05-22 18:38:38

Are there Powerline network extenders that are wired to mains power?

I wish to extend network coverage to a patio some distance from my house. The patio has mains power. I need a powerline type network extender that can be wired directly to the mains supply rather than
Forums/ Powerline Adapters
By Artapel 2020-05-22 22:55:07

AV600 claim 600Mbps with 100Mbps ports

AV600 claim 600Mbps but this is impossible since they have 100Mbps ports. I do not understand how this is not false advertising? Nowhere does it state that the system only has 100Mbps ports. Since the